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3 face phurpa brass with stand
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3 face phurpa brass with stand

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Product Introduction

Material: brass casting

Dimensions: approx. 22 x 8 cm


"Horsa-headed King" is also known as "Swift Vajra", "Swift Vajra", and "Eating Vajra". "Horsa-headed King" is one of the eight great kings. He is the incarnation of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, also known as Horse-headed Avalokitesvara. He is the teaching wheel of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and has infinite power. "Horsa-headed King" is the transformation of Guanyin Bodhisattva, so his hometown is Amitabha.

There are two main merits and benefits of practicing the Hayagriva Dharma:

1. Transformation of the Way of Animals

2. Avoid all evil curses and evil laws

The main magical weapon of "Horsa-headed King" is not the skull staff or rope that carries his laws, but the "horse-headed tooth" on top of him. "Horsa-headed King" has fast magic power, because "horsepower" runs the fastest, and the strength and movement of horses are the fastest. Because of the name of horse-headed king, he can control the "head-reducing" and "witchcraft" no matter where they are. It can be cracked, its magic power spreads across five continents, and its power is endless.

Therefore, first of all, he is very fast, and his magic power is "quick".

Second, His bite is very powerful, and He can do anything with His teeth.

For example: If a person is sick, when practicing the Horse Head Viṣṇa Dharma, he or she should visualize his (horse's) teeth; bite wherever there is disease, of course not bite yourself. It will hurt if you bite yourself, so bite with visualization. This person is sick. Come to you and see where he is sick. For example, if there is a heart disease, you can visualize his heart to eliminate the disease and bite the disease away. By practicing this method, you can bite the disease on your own body, and you can also bite the disease on other people's body. This is the method to eliminate disasters.

The "gain method" is to visualize that the horse flies out and bites a piece of gold or banknotes and comes back, then you will get rich. This is the method of gain.

"The method of increasing wisdom" is to visualize Hayagriva going out, holding the scriptures between his teeth, and coming back with hundreds of sutras, and you can increase your own wisdom.

"The perfect method of respecting and loving" means which girl or boy you like, practice the horse-headed king method. If the horse's head flies out, bite the girl or boy back, but don't bite it to death. Bite gently, gently. Just hold it in your mouth and bite it back to your side. This is the method of respecting and loving.

The "Subjugation Method" is to send Hayagriva out, and then grind his teeth like a piece of grass. Grind your enemies with your teeth like this, and bite all your enemies to death. Of course, this is not good. If you bite him to death, your soul will have to be sent to the pure Buddhist kingdom. This is what Master once said about Hayagriva's so-called "killing method." If you hold it gently, it is good. If you bite it hard, it becomes a "subjugation method."


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